Proven Weight Loss Solutions

Experience Effective Weight Loss With Results. Lipotropic injections have been effectively used for over 30 years to aid weight loss. The nutrients play an important role in your body’s use of fat. If you have tried countless other diets with no success, you should consider a new plan.

Discuss the options with your reliable doctor at Premier Family Care to ensure you’re healthy enough for injections.

Benefit With Lipotropic Injections
Using lipotropic injections is a 10-week process. Please be aware your private insurance or government insurance doesn’t pay for this type of health care. Your Medicare, Medicaid, and other policies won’t be billed for such treatments, so be sure to take a moment to analyze payments with your doctor before beginning the program.

Start Losing Weight in a Healthy Way
With our on-site lab, basic testing can be completed before starting a weight loss plan. Consult with your doctor about your desired results. A nutrition guide can help you achieve your set goals. You’ll lose weight, boost your metabolism, and gain energy the healthy way.

Receive a personal consultation for your weight loss goals. Call us at our Guntersville office at 256-582-2324 or our Arab office at 256-586-2324 to schedule an appointment.

If you’re 18 years or older, you’re eligible to receive Lipotropic injections and weight loss aids. Learn more about the program.